Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays! + Random Update...


  1. Glad to see more information on ATV Wild Ride. I've been waiting for that. Does it still have that punk music though? If so, I'll probably turn turn the music off. Not into that stuff. I do love racing games though.

    Any chance you could make a multiplayer FPS for the 3DS? Something old school like Quake, Goleneye, Perfect Dark, etc., where it's not Call of Duty-style ADS, just good old fashioned hip firing?

  2. Looking forward to your booth at PAX, looks like that survey I filled out worked! Can't wait to see what the mystery Wii U game is.

  3. just letting you know I commented on your previous post yesterday. :)

  4. Hello Jools.
    I was wondering,
    I have a group of friends who would like to port Dementium: The Ward, as a homebrew game to the PSP.
    as far as i know, i need your permission, but if it cant happen due to nintendo, i will trash the whole idea and forget about it.